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The Lodge has been a sanctuary for visitors and wildlife for more than half a century. More than 370 acres of sacred forest thrive, thrive and flourish, even as the world around you changes. Where the Misahualli River meets the Napo, we welcome you to Misahualli Amazon Lodge

Where the Kichwas met the Huaorani, the Shuar and the Cofanes, Misahualli represents the entry point to the vast and rich culture of the Amazon jungle. Enter a world of experiences, magic and adventure right in the cradle where it all began.

Our cabins are accentuated along the view of the turquoise waters of the Misahuallí River. Built with beautiful and warm native woods from the region, our cabins offer a fresh and comfortable stay while you rest from the activities of the jungle. 
Designed with families in mind, our suites' two-space layout provides relaxation and privacy while enjoying the delicacy of the surrounding gardens. 
Exclusive, independent, spacious but cozy, the deluxe suites are perfect for those looking for a quiet stay in our jungle. bigger than our cabins ecological, and built with mixed materials. The Deluxe Suites are perfect for couples, or for those who want to find their inner self in the Amazon.
With us you will find the flexibility to tell your own story of the Ecuadorian jungle

Amazon gastronomy

Fresh, Organic and unique

Visitors experience each day with menus that reflect seasonal produce. Traditional dishes are made with a focus on local cuisine that allows our kitchen to experiment, adapt and accommodate any palate. We balance fresh and local produce from neighboring communities, always with a touch of the region in mind.

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